Hello gentle reader, so this is my first post for “Writhing Writings”. I’m no wordsmith so I hope you could spare a ♥ while reading on my pristine entry…

Let’s see, today is February 28th. Weather (as per weather.com) is partly cloudy and feels like 92°C. Yes, it’s summer and I’m already hearing plans (and some had gone already) on trips to the beaches and vacay spots. As for me, I’m staying in. I do love going out, especially with my family and friends, but ~ I just happen to come in this period when I’m totally appreciating the indoors. Not that I’ll be busy lurking around brag books and wit tweets (a little maybe) but there’s a lot to do around the house recently. I wanted to paint the living room all white and then accent with cornices in Mahogany, and that is when Dad will help me move all the old appliances, and I mean they’re old. Then the bathroom needs a little pipe fixing and the bidet, is again, working like a fountain. My room, well I needed a little storage for all my archived stuff but should be needed not too soon.

There… And to start working on this list in the house means spending it of course, at home. Which is roughly consumed by office work and spending the nights out. I just hope I could accomplish at least one of them before the season ends.