So I was out for field work today. Skin went to a blush cause of the scorching sun… Traffic was everywhere cause of mall to mall sale around the metro, aside from the traffic enforcers, who’s I guess, enforcing the traffic themselves and the usual suspects – the violators. It was a hard day indeed from south to north. A/c wasn’t helping after all so I had to open the car’s window half way for air. I condition myself for this monthly trip cause it’s routine work for me. So I load up my player with the staples and add up some tracks craved by the ear from time to time to help me through the day.

This picture was taken during my last destination to a branch in Pampanga. But this was taken just along NLEX. (You can see my reflection in the dusty side mirror.) The long green fields caught my eyes where usually on this stretch I just find myself asleep passing along. There were plenty of white herons flying freely, in Tagalog they’re called “tagak”. I enjoyed my trip to the last stop I was headed. You can also feel the breeze cooling compared to the scorch sunrays in the city. And the smell of burnt dried grass or “sigâ” made me feel like I am home. Just appreciating the north, where I live and grew up in. When the school ends this March, I’m sure the traffic will move on this “Northern Portrait”. Have a great weekend everyone!