I grew up in the early 80’s. I remember playing with my brothers with toy guns and wrestling and in school, ask my girl schoolmates where they bought their pink bags and shoes. That’s because I always had my stuff in blue. A Tuxedo-Sam backpack and my favorite blue Tuesday rubber shoes. (That is P.E. day on Tuesdays!) Maybe that’s why until now, Tuesday had become my favorite day ever since. Boyish, yes. My idols, and heroes – my brothers.

My Kuya had been a deejay since his teenage years. And I always watch him spin. He also always taught me the artist he was playing on the turntable. There was this song about Harry Houdini and that a woman telling “I’m your Venus”. His favorite was the White Horse. (Danze!) Hehe, he wasn’t home quite every night hustling & cutting rugs at famous discos. His drawer was always filled with Equinox tickets!) I learned feeling, listening and tasting music – well dance music in this case.

Find something interesting yet? 🙂

My Diko, (Hey doc!) can be described and summed that character of Dexter, remember “Dexter’s Laboratory”. Well, our age gap wasn’t that long so we got along well. He taught me the world of science. Everyday I remember he’d mold little creatures with Dad’s wax or “pagkit”. That’s his substitute for clay when ran out. Pagkit is used to hold diamonds and gems for jewelries. Dad always had one on his working table and his work shop is like our place for playing “mystery adventures” – finding stuff we can play with. One crazy thing I’d never forget was this instance, on a quiet afternoon, he comes yelling “Fire! Fire! Water! Water!” (He was a bit inglisero already back then). Experimenting in the backyard with flammables, and whatever that was I wouldn’t know. But he was laughing after that burst of flame. Like, discovering a wonder.

When I was 9, I found myself fond of the karaoke. Daddy had this 2-deck cassette player with an amplifier built in. His beer buds during sprees would plug in as I recall a sunburst stratocaster electric guitar on that singing machine. Mommy always told me, even in these days, that I’d always play on cassette and sing along with “Blue Kiss” by Jane Wiedlin. Well, until now I sing along with it and have it on my player. I guess some things never change at all. And I guess there I found the kind of music I’d prefer since then, at a tender age.

To be continued…