I guess the day was scorching hot today, well I wouldn’t know cause I’m staying inside the office every single day. But tonight it got a bit windy feeling it as I opened my window next to my desk. A sign that it might rain. Guess another season’s ending. I used to hate the rains. I hate the puddles and while walking, wetting my feet. But now I have learned appreciating every day. To be thankful for everyday is to wake up with a clear mind. There may be problems – in the office (not to mention the rants) but it just spices up the walls. Appreciating what we have is really essential in this life, or else we end unhappy, unsatisfied, and with a weary heart. To give a little walk through, traffic is worsening because of that stupid driver who, again, cut your way or that jeepney picked up a commuter or just stopping in the middle of the road waiting for someone to take the ride, or the road is under repair – again! (what the?), tntc! But to avoid being bothered by these, solution is to just leave the house early and let the traffic flow. Yes perking up is quite hard especially when it’s really early but it’s just a matter of conditioning yourself towards the day. On Saturdays, I still have to wake up as early as 5:30am. And so I get up with my dog alarm (cellphone alarm and Pappy tries sneaking up his nose under the sheets), boil water for my daily dose of hot chocolate and watch the telly while preparing my lunch sandwich. Good thing there’s AVO sessions on DW channel every Saturday. There I caught Snow Patrol, Jazz artists, Flutists, etc. And among those, this became an instant favourite: MARK KNOPFLER. I fell in love with this song and it really made my day.

And this one from Robert Plant and The Band Of Joy too, called “Harm’s Swift Way” (originally by Townes Van Zandt)

AVO sessions really got me out of bed on Saturday mornings… Snow Patrol’s “Shut Your Eyes” made mine open.

So don’t heave another sigh… Rise and shine, and just isolate the good things hidden “on a hot sunny day or a stormy weather too…” 😉