You might ask why did I make the title  of this web log “The Year 2010 in a Thousand Units”, well, a thousand units (of currency) is likely the slang meaning of “grand”. As early as November of yesteryear, I had been taking mental notes on writing about a recap on what emerged then for The Gentle Isolation. A lot of good things were being savored already, but it would be premature for December’s not yet over at that time and work load in the office just keeps pouring in -~Seriously! So here I come writing this first entry on a new calendar, a recap on The GRAND Year That Was.


“Our Interesting Starting Dose”

January 7

What could be a more exciting way to welcome the year than to throw a tribute to the great singer and songwriter, Morrissey?! The POP Shoppe!’s “Your Interesting Drug”, held at SaGuijo, was packed with a bustling line up of bands to cover Morrissey/The Smiths’ greatest hits. We chose the song “Everyday Is Like Sunday”, from his first solo album called “Viva Hate” (released 1988), since we knew a rendition done by Natalie Merchant, who then was still with the band 10,000 Maniacs. But I always thought how Morrissey played this one on live audience and having watched “Who Put the M in Manchester” years back, thought it would be good to include the segueway song “Subway Train”.

Photo courtesy of Antonette Maniquis ♥
Also, watch the video of our cover “Everyday Is Like Sunday”, courtesy of Lilystars Records here!

January 10

Jam Sessions with DJ Tracy, we definitely had a great time though we were a side throw for words that time. Yes, ~we were coated with shyness that time. Even had mistakenly responded to Tracy’s enumeration drills, but the sum was awesome. See previous blog entry on this link.

January 30

“Of Mice and Men”: Remembering the sound of Orange and Lemons – But how can we forget? Like a treasure, often considered either lost or forgotten ,until being rediscovered. This was another great gig to kick a start and with the bands to break a leg covering ONL songs from “Love in the Land…”, to the “Moonlane Gardens”. We did a tweepop version of “Days and Nights” and “Cycle of Love”.

Watch our ONL cover entitled “Cycle of Love” blogged at Lilystars Records, here.
Photo by Jeff Saw

With all the songs reminisced, it was surely a treasure trove!


“We Smell Birthday Cakes!”

February 24 – “The Sight Of Love” A Launch Party

Yes, Cakes! In plural form, ‘cause the three of us have birthdays on this month of Hearts! February 06 – Joseph, February 17 – Bachie & February 23 – Ness. While Monch is having an unbirthday until the 26th of May.

Photo courtesy of Antonette Maniquis ♥ as well as the yummy cake!


“That Feeling Between Spring and Autumn ~Summery”

March 11 – “The Sight Of Love” Music Video Launch

That summery video by The Camerawalls is very refreshing! Have a generous glance on it here.

March 21 – Blueprint Multimedia Exhibit Day 3, at Eastwood City, Citywalk 2

So much to see in the exhibit! Wish I could also learn those digital stuff. But for now take a peek on our photo taken during that event.

March 26 – “All Hail The Queen!” – A Brit Pop Night

We were stirred for Brit music, so we had the Union Jack blown up in a tarp and hung on the background at Route196 that night! We covered some songs from the great The Stone Roses “Shoot You Down”, Propaganda “Duel” & Primal Scream “Gentle Tuesday”.

Photo by The Satellites

“April Holidays”


We did not have gig invites for this month, it was a month-long holiday… So aside from our routine work, we spent our spare time window shopping, having ice cream, and still helping out on chores at home. Oh, gelato! Makes me crave for one at once! My favourite is Mint Chocolate Chip! What’s yours? 🙂

Mint Chocolate Chip is ♥! The other one is not mine, Monch just let me hold it to get this shot.

~to be continued… Xoxo Ness