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Smells Like Childhood Tales

Great Things.

I thought about the song on my way home today. It rained as I left the office, gradually heavier as I go farther. Then stopped at a gas station to wait for another ride, to the ever reliable jeepney. But not today, the friendly tricycle brought me home and with a friend along. I went home with the new office mate, who Cads technical product specs. He’s quite easy to talk to and got some topics to talk about. Well, I’m more at ease talking with boys/men than girls. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I grew up without a sister, just two Phineas and Ferb brothers. 🙂

Conversation saves the day, my office mate thought that he knew me from somewhere. He said I look familiar and that he thinks that he had seen me before, just not quite sure where and when. Neighboring our drummer’s nest, Bachie, he resides just around the corner. He’s comrades with Bachie’s nephew, Bry, and that he had seen the band rehearse when he visits the pad. I think a month had already passed until it came concrete that his thought of knowing ‘me’ was true, capping it with “Small World”.

Dinner time. I love sitting beside my Mom with her rundown of events during the day. She tells that she had a great day going out with high school batch mates and eating around – from breakfast at Anabelle’s to snacking off doughnuts at Krispy Kreme made her a full load. I’m even surprised hearing from her that they rode a carousel in the mall, just for trips! Now that’s a bit crazy. I guess, once in a while, we need a little dose of that.

(Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World delayed posting this entry)

Tuesday ends. Til another treat comes along on my favourite day! Tfn…

Here’s the song that came to my mind while on my way home today.

“Shut Your Eyes” made mine open.

I guess the day was scorching hot today, well I wouldn’t know cause I’m staying inside the office every single day. But tonight it got a bit windy feeling it as I opened my window next to my desk. A sign that it might rain. Guess another season’s ending. I used to hate the rains. I hate the puddles and while walking, wetting my feet. But now I have learned appreciating every day. To be thankful for everyday is to wake up with a clear mind. There may be problems – in the office (not to mention the rants) but it just spices up the walls. Appreciating what we have is really essential in this life, or else we end unhappy, unsatisfied, and with a weary heart. To give a little walk through, traffic is worsening because of that stupid driver who, again, cut your way or that jeepney picked up a commuter or just stopping in the middle of the road waiting for someone to take the ride, or the road is under repair – again! (what the?), tntc! But to avoid being bothered by these, solution is to just leave the house early and let the traffic flow. Yes perking up is quite hard especially when it’s really early but it’s just a matter of conditioning yourself towards the day. On Saturdays, I still have to wake up as early as 5:30am. And so I get up with my dog alarm (cellphone alarm and Pappy tries sneaking up his nose under the sheets), boil water for my daily dose of hot chocolate and watch the telly while preparing my lunch sandwich. Good thing there’s AVO sessions on DW channel every Saturday. There I caught Snow Patrol, Jazz artists, Flutists, etc. And among those, this became an instant favourite: MARK KNOPFLER. I fell in love with this song and it really made my day.

And this one from Robert Plant and The Band Of Joy too, called “Harm’s Swift Way” (originally by Townes Van Zandt)

AVO sessions really got me out of bed on Saturday mornings… Snow Patrol’s “Shut Your Eyes” made mine open.

So don’t heave another sigh… Rise and shine, and just isolate the good things hidden “on a hot sunny day or a stormy weather too…” 😉

Bringing Home The Wild Swans

Days Before The Event

We went counting down days ’til the big night, not excitingly but nervous and (soon would turn to regret). Yes, you guessed that right. We still haven’t got tickets in our hands, few days before the event. We were really out of Pink Floyd’s song (‘Money’) this time around. Bill’s always there chasing us and could no longer borrow some from anywho. But the good heavens heard two earthlings’ little wishes. 2 GOLD-en tickets magically came from a genie named, Antonette (of Lilystars Records). I know Monch that time would not want to let this once-in-a-lifetime chance to just slip away. He would always utter that his only ultimate connection to the bands whom he loves listening to was through his collection of cassette tapes (and I mean tapesss! He has crates full of cassettes and CDs!). Imagine 2 decades of having their songs linger every single day of his life from cassette to CD to mp3. Decades of evolution of music format and still their songs are as ever refreshing!

Betty-Go Where?

After picking up the tickets from Antonette, now headed to One Esplanade, urban commuters’ style! Thanks to Angelo for the directions.

 The Wild Swarm

Waiting In Line

Priceless Smiles!

We got in!

Three front act bands performed that night. First up were the band called SID, followed by Trisha Garcia (Jazz artist/band) & Kudos Loves 80’s.


Trisha Garcia


After opening here comes the main act… The host of the event introduced the band and it went (In a royal rumble match manner) “The long wait is over! Ladies & gentlemen, finally, it’s for real! May we present to you with pride… All the way from Liverpool, England… Please give a big hand to The Wild Swans!!!” and the crowd went crazy! The swarm indeed was wild, shouting and screaming “Paul! Paul!” and enumerating their favorite songs “Mythical Beast”, “Whirlpool Heart” and even Care’s “Flaming Sword” as requests for the band to perform next. I understand why these fans has this kind of hype and it’s just inexplicably high! It’s been a yearning wildly swanned, finally fulfilled.

Paul Simpson

Paul & Les

Me taking videos from mobile phone

The Setlist

Most of the songs the band performed were from the Platinum Collection and few ones from their newly released album. The latter part was my favorite because there they played my best picks “Bringing Home The Ashes”, and even “Whatever Possessed You” (from CARE, Paul Simpson & Ian Broudie duo). Trying to name each songs on the setlist:

1. Bible Dreams

2. Archangels

3. Liquid Mercury

4. Immaculate

5. Northern England

6. In Secret

7. Underwater

8. Now & Forever

9. Blue Bell Wood

10. No Bleeding All

11. God Forbid

12. Revolutionary Spirit

13.  Whirlpool Heart

14. Bringing Home The Ashes

15. Melting Blue Delicious

16. The Worst Year Of My Life

17. Tangerine Temple

18. Whatever Possessed You

Paul came explaining in the middle of the show that he had been taking Chinese herbal medicine for his cough and that it tasted very revolting. He apologizes that he might not be able to sing very well especially those songs with high notes saying, “You see, I’m really really old now…”. Awww! Then came intro to the song “Northern England”, really heart felt.

Meet, Greet and Photo Op!

After their performance, was the meet and greet and photo op with Paul and the rest of The Wild Swans sessionists. We waited for a while maybe an hour to let the queue go down. And as for my turn, the security guy asked me if I wanted to take a picture and of course I said “Yes!”, he quickly gave way and told his guys to give way for me so I can walk beside Paul. When I was beside Paul already, I think he thought I was a kid and so he quickly gave the chair and let me sit beside him and to my surprise he gave me Pepé Le Pew smooches on the cheek (or was that my ear?) or I think that was just his nose on my ear. Really funny experience… Priceless! I think though that was because I was the only female lined up among the guys holding up their vinyls and CDs. Monch was also able to get his records signed. And Paul said to him that he was looking for the album ‘Space Flower’ for a long time now, and I think Paul even was asking for it, ironically. Here are the epic photos!

Autographed Records

I’d say, it was the best event for this year. I will always turn to music no matter what life brings. It is the music that binds my sanity for which I turn to even if I get the blues sometimes. I guess it’s all part of life’s music, that even if the sun is not up, we know that the stormy weather won’t last.

x (& Pepé Le Pew smooches)


XS: MODERN ENGLISH back to back with ICICLE WORKS soon!!! ~ JANUARY 2012! 😉

12-String Affair To Remember…

A 12-string guitar may look strange to most guitar players, but this unusual instrument has the jangle that your ears could fancy. I remember my senior year in high school when my Dad bought me one. (Well, I asked my Dad for it as a Christmas present.) I was so giddy when I saw the thing and didn’t take my eyes off from it. Call it ‘Love at first sight’? But the salesman thought I was some kind of a weirdo why I wanted the strange-looking guitar, while there displayed were good 6-string acoustic ones in glossy lacquer finish, and some in red and orange hues, and to think it is too big for me to even carry. That Sunday night, was the happiest! I kept staring and strumming ‘til wee and didn’t mind to sleep a few hours for I had to go to school early the next morning.

I really appreciated the sound so rich, the ringing and jangle that lasts on the ear that it gives. And to have a better sense of what-about, here are 12 videos of some of my favorite artists using the 12-string guitar.


01 THE BYRDS – “Turn, Turn, Turn”


02 THE BEATLES – “If I Needed Someone”


03 THE BYRDS – “Mr. Tambourine Man”


04 THE BEATLES – “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away ”


05 Mark Gardener & Andy Bell of RIDE – Live 2003


06 THE CHURCH – “Under The Milky Way”


07 JAMES – “Sometimes”


08 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – “The Killing Moon”


09 THE CURE – “Friday I’m In Love”


10 THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD – “Happy Birthday Helen”




And last! ~ but not the least is a trivia… May 26, 2011 (Coincidentally Monch’s birthday!) – Paul Simpson donates his 12-string Aria guitar which he used during CARE’s recording on the song “Flaming Sword” & The Wild Swans’ Space Flower Show Album. Precious piece I’d say! See Paul Simpson with the CARE, using the very guitar he donated on the youtube link. And! Please bear with the video for its quality recorded on betamax (Hey, it’s the 80’s!). This was even shared by Mr. Paul Simpson himself, on his facebook page.

12 CARE – “Whatever Possessed You”


Tomorrow, Liverpool’s Legendary, The Wild Swans performs in Manila (October 1, 2011 ◊ Saturday) at 1 Esplanade in MOA which also coincides with the release of their new album as well as their UK tour. It’s going to be ~Melting Blue Delicious!!!

/Ness ♥

Boarding in Flight 010!

Buckle up! The jet engines start up and full throttle with The Gentle Isolation boarding in Flight 010 on iTunes’ podcast I Am The Programmer on April 28, Thursday! New music and words from the artists themselves, and this episode also features icons Gene Loves Jezebel with Jay Aston, Echobelly, WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE, Two Wounded Birds & much more!

Hosted by (the Captain) Ryan L. Abato.

See you on board! 🙂

But – Hey! It’s not the just the first time that Gene Loves Jezebel was featured on IATP! (Among other great artists) Watch this intro video from last year, and take a peek as well on their previous flights.

Pianica or Melodica?


I got fascinated with the Pianica the first time I ever saw one. Monch had it for me as a no-occasion gift, and told me he got it from a Japan surplus shop near his workplace, owned by a doctor/friend. He also said it needed some love for a good cleaning. So, having the heart, he did dust off and wiped the keys, and as for the tube, he soaked it in a Cidex bath to kill all the soot it may contain, rinsed it generously and let hang to dry. Voila! It’s good as new! At home, he excitingly showed it to me, how it works and shared me his ideas on how we can use it melodically. Back then, I used to play (a little of) the keyboard for some of our new wave covers. So I happened to have a bit of ease playing tunes with it.


So to speak, it’s either pianica or melodica. Suzuki calls it melodion and for Yamaha it’s pianica, to various names like melodia, melodihorn, clavietta, et cetera. This musical instrument just gives a darling feeling as you listen to it. It instantly makes me imagine of kids at play, birds chirping in the morning, or even my dog sound asleep ~that kind of feeling. I learned that it’s commonly used by Jazz and Folk musicians in such amazing tunes, and in my favorite era, the New Wave had also used this free-reed instrument. But on top of the genres, having searched for more info about the instrument is a discovery of how it had been widely played, all this time, by Japanese kids be it on music lessons at school, by bands or even the connoisseurs of music.


The pianica’s sound gives off such playful, irresistible tunes like that of an accordion or a flute, and having the melody to equal is just chemistry. On this note, I’d like to share some music videos with pianica as the underscore and some charming art works, illustrations, and sketches I have stumbled over whilst writing this blogpost.


My Favorite “Burning Hearts”

This is My Favorite indeed! I’ve been stuck watching and listening to this song for months now. Song is entitled “Burning Hearts” which speaks of architecture & an experience in Hiroshima with a best friend to which they bid goodbye to.


The Wannadies “You and Me Song”

This song got more popular for being included on a soundtrack of the movie “Romeo & Juliet” (1996) alongside The Cardigan’s “Lovefool”. Another late 90’s favorite, music from the Swedes!


Innovation Invention “The Meloguitar”

This guy is either brilliant, or unemployed. But I am impressed!


Japan is Love

I have always been fascinated with Japan. The country, the people, the culture, the traditions, the discipline, their politeness and man, the many forms of ethics in every aspect, the language, Hello Kitty, and of course their music too! I recall that I often watched this program on NHK (old TV format), like that of American Idol, only on their show they get to feature anyone from young to old, in business suits or on a Lolita inspired getup, singing their chosen piece with a live band to accompany them which made me fond for it.

I was writing this post a few days before the tragic quake & tsunami hit their coast. My heart broke into pieces when I heard about the news and having seen the videos on the telly. High hopes and prayers go to all those had suffered and were affected. On the bright side, after hearing Mr. Naoto Kan’s statement (Japan’s Prime Minister) on fight for survival, to “Stay calm”, it takes a man of courage and a brave heart to face what’s left, to move forward and start again.

Here’s to share some photos I stumbled at  an illustration of a boy playing pianica with a strange cat and Japanese characters on paper’s background. Done in Gocco print, an old Japanese way of making beautiful stationeries. Followed by a cute fruit-shaped inspired wind instruments played by young girls in striped socks. Kawaii desu ne!


“Leona and her magic pianica” (in Gocco print) by better than butter / ceej on flickr


“Best Friend Forever” – Thanks a bunch to Eveline Tarunadjaja for her kindness! Click to see the rest of her art.


girl with red pianica seen on tumblr

To wrap up, listen to Antonette’s recording ♥ (of Lilystars Records) as she was ever so kind to catch this live performance at Café SaGuijo on ThePOPShoppe! event.



I’ll Pocket You A Rainbow (Live) by The Gentle Isolation



xoxo Ness

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