It’s our second time to be at the Jam Studio last Sunday (January 10), but this time to play for Jam Sessions with DJ Tracy. Our very first radio guesting was also at Jam 88.3 to play for “Project Ondoy”, an on-air gig for a cause. Kicked off the session with an original song entitled “Define Love” with jangly acoustic strumming as to welcome the listeners with our jumble of excitement and pleasure.

In between songs were interview questions about the band. Most of them were full of chuckles and giggles. DJ Tracy may’ve had a hard time squeezing out The Gentles to talk and speak out, but it’s a given that The Gentles are such shy chums, and kept it very lucid in spilling out answers.

Our cover song was “French Navy” by Camera Obscura, being catchy and sets a mood to bop in a 60’s dance floor, a nice way to delight a Sunday afternoon. It’s as if “Summer in your ears”. Just like how The Gentles gets inspiration when in making their songs. We’ve always wanted to be at scenic places, with that to match a good melody or a song in mind, our muse in making music. Here is a list of song titles that we played with selected audio and video to listen to:

1) “Define Love” – The Gentle Isolation

2) “Possible” – The Gentle Isolation

3) “French Navy” – The Gentle Isolation (Cover, by Camera Obscura)

4) “This Song” – The Gentle Isolation

5) “Crossing The Line” – The Gentle Isolation (A sort of instrumental)

6) “Let’s Go Slow” – The Gentle Isolation

Thank you so much for those who tuned in! – Ness