ImageHugging home this holiday break ~ah yes! It’s a long-extended weekend! The break we all had been longing for. But we gentlebuds will spend it in our homes. I couldn’t enumerate the hassle of going out of town or even out of the country for it might ruin the whole idea – but then go ahead (and not to mention the spending). As long as I’m staying IN. Meanwhile, I have been decluttering for months and enjoying how to maintain the house. Call me the handyman, I don’t mind. Having exposed to home depots and builders shops makes me curiouser and curiouser when it gets to building and home making. How to make things easier around the house with things found around the house and other practical stuff that can be a good buy and not feel guilty after, unlike shopping and spending for clothes. I guess, it comes with the age 🙂 But no, in fact, I put some sea creatures in the bathroom a while ago for my nephew to look at while he’s in the happy room. The Playful in me.

And it’s not that just because we’re on stay-cation, we’ll all be lazy lying around. But we’re on our tootsies making new melodies. Best time to relax and bring out the beastly beats pending for a long time now. The captain (Monch) had been sitting on the keys for half day. And as for me, I am for wordplay. Write right? So for now, random thoughts, blues and moods storms my paper.