It’s my first time attending a concert filled with finest indie acts, and being there, not just to witness Club 8’s live performance right here in our coast, but fronting for them is just splendid! Learning that we were to open for them a few weeks before the major event, it was a mixture feeling of thrill and delight. I remember reading a line from a blog entry of Your Imaginary FriendsEric Po, how they would describe us in our excitement:

“…Right now, we can only guess how excited The Gentle Isolation can be. These true-to-form beings from Bulacan have written and played the most pleasant, most fun Filipino indie pop songs ever. Their sound can surely segue in smoothly with that of Club 8. Doubtless. Doubtlessly seamless.”

They can only guess, however they knew how much we love Club 8. Blissful in appreciation to their really inspiring music to way back their Nouvelle album up to the latest The People’s Record and in our anticipation having to meet and be with them on that very day, is just astounding.

We played first act that night with three original compositions, a short and sweet set to grace the yearning of the swarm for Club 8. Subsequently was Your Imaginary Friends, who propelled the night with their buoyant & beguiling songs, then followed by The Camerawalls, first time brilliantly backed up with a 10-piece rondalla ensemble.

Club 8 at last welcomed the anticipating crowd with a new song entitled “Western Hospitality” from their recently released album The People’s Record. Together with them are some of the members of another band called The Sweet Serenades to back them up on percussion and guitars. They were inspiringly filled with beats and sound that of African & Brazilian music topped with Karolina’s sweet and gentle voice. After their performance, Johan & Karolina were so kind to meet with their fans lined up, who patiently waited for them for autograph signing and in all smiles when taking pictures with them. To put into detail all what came about that night will make this blog hefty, but guaranteed it was a success. Marvelous!