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Smells Like Childhood Tales

Great Things.

I thought about the song on my way home today. It rained as I left the office, gradually heavier as I go farther. Then stopped at a gas station to wait for another ride, to the ever reliable jeepney. But not today, the friendly tricycle brought me home and with a friend along. I went home with the new office mate, who Cads technical product specs. He’s quite easy to talk to and got some topics to talk about. Well, I’m more at ease talking with boys/men than girls. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I grew up without a sister, just two Phineas and Ferb brothers. 🙂

Conversation saves the day, my office mate thought that he knew me from somewhere. He said I look familiar and that he thinks that he had seen me before, just not quite sure where and when. Neighboring our drummer’s nest, Bachie, he resides just around the corner. He’s comrades with Bachie’s nephew, Bry, and that he had seen the band rehearse when he visits the pad. I think a month had already passed until it came concrete that his thought of knowing ‘me’ was true, capping it with “Small World”.

Dinner time. I love sitting beside my Mom with her rundown of events during the day. She tells that she had a great day going out with high school batch mates and eating around – from breakfast at Anabelle’s to snacking off doughnuts at Krispy Kreme made her a full load. I’m even surprised hearing from her that they rode a carousel in the mall, just for trips! Now that’s a bit crazy. I guess, once in a while, we need a little dose of that.

(Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World delayed posting this entry)

Tuesday ends. Til another treat comes along on my favourite day! Tfn…

Here’s the song that came to my mind while on my way home today.

Boarding in Flight 010!

Buckle up! The jet engines start up and full throttle with The Gentle Isolation boarding in Flight 010 on iTunes’ podcast I Am The Programmer on April 28, Thursday! New music and words from the artists themselves, and this episode also features icons Gene Loves Jezebel with Jay Aston, Echobelly, WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE, Two Wounded Birds & much more!

Hosted by (the Captain) Ryan L. Abato.

See you on board! 🙂

But – Hey! It’s not the just the first time that Gene Loves Jezebel was featured on IATP! (Among other great artists) Watch this intro video from last year, and take a peek as well on their previous flights.

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